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Partner Glider Flights

Partner Flights

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Two Gliders at Byron Bay

Subject to aircraft availability, enjoy a partner flight where you can fly in two similar gliders close to each other. You can even talk to one another by radio as you enjoy the spectacular scenery of Byron and Mt Warning areas. Remember you will go further and you will see more as our gliders are capable of higher cruise speeds than most….

Price is for two single flights, so you will need to book two Taste of Freedom flights, or two Ultimate High flights.

Taste of Freedom $250

Ultimate High $300

Ensure you book two tickets! Enter “2” under Quantity and press the return button to update the cart.

Unfortunately, we are unable to carry any passengers weighing over 110kg. This is a legal weight restriction.
Byron Gliding Club also reserves the right to refuse flight for minors. Generally speaking, minors should be tall enough so that they can see outside the cockpit. We must also be confident that they weill not play with the controls or become distressed during flight.

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